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Innoprise Customer Information System (CIS)

Innoprise Customer Information Systems (CIS) goes far beyond utility billing, allowing utilities and municipalities easily and quickly adapt to changing business such as adding new services, products, and rate structures. With unlimited services per account, Innoprise CIS supports traditional metered and non-metered services of gas, electric, water, sewer, and recycling, as well as nontraditional services such as cable, telecommunication, and internet services.

A service-oriented approach integrates Web services to deliver a blended customer self-service delivery model using telephone, internet, public kiosk, mobile, and wireless devices. Innoprise CIS unifies customer management, billing, work management, marketing, and other customer oriented business processes. This solution improves customer service response times, enhances customer intelligence, improves application integration, and lowers maintenance and integration costs.

CIS integrates with Innoprise Centralized Cash Receipting.

Innoprise CIS Datasheet

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Modules include: 

  • Billing
  • Budget billing
  • Credit and collection management
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable
  • Landlord/tenant management
  • Meter management
  • Meter reading
  • Rate analysis
  • Revenue management
  • Service order management
  • Usage management
  • Mobile CIS

Benefits of Innoprise CIS

  • Easy access to enterprise information. A single view of all data, down to the transaction level, provides real-time information across departments.
  • An internet platform delivers service. Customer self-service using the internet or a public kiosk provides convenience.
  • Interactive web site links enhance CIS. Maps and driving directions are provided through MapQuest® links. CSRs can verify zip+4 lookup with links to the United States Postal Service Website.
  • Integrating GIS simplifies the enterprise. Innoprise CIS and third party GIS systems share land management elements reducing the overhead of managing a separate system.
  • A single interface brings ease of use. A Web browser is used to access all applications improving productivity and lowering demand on IT staff.
  • Tailor the system. Users, from CFO to CSR, can dynamically select the type of information they require on their screen.
  • Mobilize field service personnel. Wireless devices access CIS increasing productivity and improving customer service.
  • Turn data into useful information. With ad hoc reporting, choose to print or send data to spreadsheets for further analysis.
  • Leverage existing office applications. Ability to export data to Microsoft Excel® or Word®, HTML, or PDF files. Merge letters, send email, or fax to any contact in the system.


Utilizing JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) architecture enables advanced functionality that is not possible with legacy systems. Standard internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and SMTP and a relational database management system are used to integrate Innoprise CIS and Work Management, asset management, and back-end Financial Management.

All Innoprise applications are Internet-native, Browser-based, and legacy-free. The look and feel of the user interface is consistent across all modules of Innoprise software.


Innoprise CIS has eliminated time-consuming queries with simple advanced filtering and an integrated reporting engine to provide dynamic and ad hoc reporting.

  • Standard and ad hoc reporting capability
  • Reports available in PDF, HTML, CSV or Microsoft Word® format
  • Ability to extract information to Microsoft Excel® format
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