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CAFR Unlimited

Your Complete Financial Reporting Solution

CAFR Unlimited

CAFR Unlimited, formerly known as CAFR-2000, is the first software product designed specifically to help the government finance professional produce presentation-quality reports quickly and easily.

CAFR Unlimited is an excellent tool to assist governmental entities in meeting GASB 34 and SAS 112 reporting requirements.

CAFR Unlimited is designed in such a way that it is a great learning aid for organizations with limited resources.  For instance, if an auditor has been preparing your organization's financial statements in the past, but you would like to start preparing your own statements in-house due to recent independence issues, this software will help you do just that-with no requirements for expertise in report preparation by staff members. Compares current and prior year account balances for cash flows and analytical purposes.

Top 10 Reasons to Use CAFR Unlimited

  1. CAFR Unlimited is a complete Ad-Hoc report writer, letting you easily design and produce almost any report format.
  2. CAFR Unlimited accepts nearly any account structure up to 50 characters in length.
  3. CAFR Unlimited accepts your G/L data from either an ASCII or EXCEL import file.
  4. CAFR Unlimited creates reports on ‘Non-GAAP', ‘GAAP' and ‘GASB 34' bases.
  5. CAFR Unlimited provides the tools to roll-up or combine virtually any group of accounts-whether or not they are related by account number-into any row or column.
  6. CAFR Unlimited provides the ‘Net' amount of any adjustment period so you can create the reconciliation that accompanies some statements.
  7. CAFR Unlimited performs the "Major/Minor Fund Calculation."
  8. CAFR Unlimited compares current and prior year account balances for Cash Flows and analytical purposes.
  9. CAFR Unlimited stores years of data in the database, thus providing historical resources that may not be available otherwise.
  10. CAFR Unlimited produces basically ‘Camera-Ready' reports that are directly placed into EXCEL as they are produced, letting you export them to PDF, WORD or other publication software.

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"We are all really pleased with CAFR (Unlimited) and how it helped us in our statement preparation. We really learned a lot and felt it went extremely well, especially for it being our first year using it.

We are already making our plans for next year!!"
- Snohomish County, WA

"Having 100 different funds and 35 discretely presented component units, preparing our CAFR had been a nightmare.  This year, with the CAFR (Unlimited), it was a breeze.  Last minute corrections can be made with ease.  We look forward to using the program for our monthly reports."
- St. Tammany Parish, LA

"CAFR (Unlimited) is a wonderful program! It is head and shoulders above our software reporting package for creating our annual report. In fact I use this program to run management reports and to analyze our financial data. I so like this product that I have purchased it twice at different cities and accounting packages, once in Texas and now in Florida. I wouldn't face another year-end without it!."
- City of Venice, FL

"The auditors made the comment that they did not know how I was able to deal with all the numbers needed for the GASB-34 statements - your system makes this much easier. I do not know how people are able to do this on just spreadsheets - I would not want to try (and I use Excel® all the time)."
- Spartanburg County, SC

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