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System Requirements for MS Govern's CAFR Unlimited Reporting Solution

The topic of System Requirements can be a very subjective one. A 10 second response time for a function may be perfectly acceptable to one person and totally unacceptable to another. Keeping this in mind, we would like to outline our recommendations as to what size computer system you should have.



Pentium class processor -
500mhz or faster

Testing has shown that there is a significant increase in performance with a Pentium or Athalon processor over a Celeron or Duron processor. Performance also increases almost exponentially with higher Mhz processors.

Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/XP

CAFR Unlimited is developed in Windows

128 MegaBytes of RAM or more

Testing has shown that CAFR Unlimited will run with 128 MegaBytes of RAM just fine, but larger entities will probably need 256 MegaBytes of RAM or more for optimal performance.

CD-ROM drive

CAFR Unlimited is distributed on CD-ROM

25 MegaBytes of available
disk space or more

CAFR Unlimited initially takes about 15 MegaBytes of disk space and this will of course grow depending on how much data you put into your system.

Microsoft Excel 2000 SR-1

CAFR Unlimited utilizes Excel to hold its reports so you can have ultimate control over final appearance conveniently.


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Top 10 Features

  1. CAFR Unlimited is a complete Ad-Hoc report writer, letting you easily design and produce almost any report format.

  2. CAFR Unlimited accepts nearly any account structure up to 50 characters in length.

  3. CAFR Unlimited accepts your G/L data from either an ASCII or EXCEL import file.

  4. CAFR Unlimited creates reports on ‘Non-GAAP', ‘GAAP' and ‘GASB 34' bases.

  5. CAFR Unlimited provides the tools to roll-up or combine virtually any group of accounts-whether or not they are related by account number-into any row or column.

  6. CAFR Unlimited provides the ‘Net' amount of any adjustment period so you can create the reconciliation that accompanies some statements.

  7. CAFR Unlimited performs the "Major/Minor Fund Calculation."

  8. CAFR Unlimited compares current and prior year account balances for Cash Flows and analytical purposes.

  9. CAFR Unlimited stores years of data in the database, thus providing historical resources that may not be available otherwise.

  10. CAFR Unlimited produces basically ‘Camera-Ready' reports that are directly placed into EXCEL as they are produced, letting you export them to PDF, WORD or other publication software.

CAFR Unlimited

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